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Windows & Doors Expert

With Warren, you get so much more than stunning windows and doors. We go beyond to design and manufacture quality products that exceed your expectations.

With Warren, you get so much more than stunning windows and doors. We go beyond to design and manufacture quality products that exceed your expectations.

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Our Decades of Experience

Since its founding in 2012, Warren Windows, located in Beijing, China, has been determined to bring guardian for many homeowners by providing quality aluminum windows and doors in standard sizes and customized sizes. Warren windows takes technique and workmanship and quality seriously. At the same time, Warren also exported Chinese smart products overseas, occupying the high ground of export trade. In the past ten years, Warren windows keep pushing itself to pursue more delicate products for every customer by observing the newest technique and designs while always remaining professional service. We was working on, are working on, and will continue working on improved quality and better budget for our customers."guarding" every moment of quality life with high-quality products and sincere services, so that high-quality life can be shared globally.

The suppliers we cooperate with

We are currently cooperating with 18 companies, including Sobinco - the excellent international window and door hardware brand, Germany Semperit - the professional insulating glass built-in sunshade industry leader, the Netherlands Akzo Nobel world's largest paint company, etc.

Warren customizes different solutions for different industries and customer needs

Commercial Solutions

Commercial windows are designed to let in more light, have bigger views, and feature an appealing outlook for offices, schools, and other business-type buildings. Right Materials and glazing will help commercial buildings to reduce their energy cost.

Ultra Large Opening Solutions

A unique window can create new opportunities to open your living space to the outdoors. Connect with nature through big glazing windows, which provide you with endless possibilities to feel happier.

Coastal Solution

Living along the coast comes with a lot of benefits. However, the strong sunshine and hurricane may annoy you. Warren windows and doors are designed, engineered, and manufactured to withstand bad weather conditions.

Sound Resistance Solution Create a Quiet Sanctuary from Noise Pollution.

If outside noise is driving you crazy, soundproof windows would be the solution. Warren Stops noise via different unique methods. With the best configuration, Warren 75 A/B system will offer you a quiet and peaceful home with the best thermal performance as well.

Warren's insights

As an experienced window and door company with many years of experience in the production of windows and doors, we have an in-depth knowledge of the window and door industry. The window and door industry plays an important role in the construction and renovation sector, providing functional and aesthetic solutions for residential and commercial properties. Here are some of our key observations about the industry..


Warren windows and doors use environmental limits to test the performance and life of doors and windows, strictly according to national standards, respect the data and respect the practicality.

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